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CBR - Cord Blood Registry: The Name to Trust - Healthcare Providers

Patient Education Materials Request

CBR is committed to educating healthcare providers and all expectant parents on the importance of making an informed decision about cord blood banking.

The following CBR Patient Education Materials are available to you for in-office patient education. To request materials for you or your office, please indicate the number of each item you would like to receive and press submit.

Patient Brochure (view)
(20 brochures per packet)

Educates expecting parents about saving cord blood stem cells.

Patient Brochure - Spanish Language (view)
(20 brochures per packet)

Educate expecting parents about saving cord blood stem cells.

Glucose Test Brochure (view)
(40 brochures per packet)

A resource for expecting parents with information about the glucose test.

Literature Stand (view)

Holds brochures.

Newborn Possibilities ProgramĀ® Eligible Disease List (view)
(50 sheets per packet)

A handout for expecting parents about our assistance program for families with a medical need.

Group B Strep Card (view)
(40 cards per packet)

A brief description of the Strep B test and what to expect.

Clinical Trials Handout (view)
(50 sheets per packet)

Information about ongoing FDA-regulated clinical trials that are evaluating stem cells for potential treatment of conditions that have no cure today.

Cord Tissue Handout (view)
(100 sheets per packet)

Learn about some of the possibilities of regenerative medicine and saving cord tissue.

VIP Partnership Pricing Card (view)
(50 cards per packet)

Use this card to call for VIP pricing on cord blood and cord tissue banking.

Parents Guide to Cord Blood Banking (view)
(20 brochures per packet)

Information about cord blood storage options by the Parents Guide to Cord Blood Foundation.